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Right in the centre of Calder Holmes Park (on the edge of town, on the way to the railway station), tucked into the Old Pavillion next to the bowling green, Park Life is a relatively recent addition to the roll-call of Hebden’s quirky eateries. The proprietors, Kim and Charlie, have a mission to create a business that’s ethical, community-oriented and “adds value to life in the park”. Previous involvement in organic catering and management of a local youth club is standing them in good stead. A preference for serving organic and fairtrade or locally-produced food has not sent prices rocketing.

Local bakers, butchers, dairies and kombucha brewers (so Hebden Bridge!) are amongst Park Life’s suppliers. Organic, fairtrade hot chocolate is from Montezuma (vegan and flavoured options available). There’s a great selection of teas and coffees, plus fresh fruit smoothies (£2-£2.80). Breakfast sandwiches include veggie and meat versions of sausage and bacon – alone, in combination, or with egg (£2.40-£3.50). Toast and topping costs just 65p; chips £1.40. The lunch menu includes burgers and BLTs (veggie or meat), soup, sandwiches, falafels and salads, with most items in the £2.50-£4 range.

If you’re a meat-eater, the Park Life cheeseburger is possibly the best burger in town. The veggie BLT was a proper vegan treat (extra chilli sauce recommended). We didn’t try the ploughperson’s lunch, but very much appreciated its updated, egalitarian name. Everything looked and tasted clean, fresh and made with care – including the simple yet creative decor.
For just £1.50, parents can order mini pitta-pockets to thrust into the hands of playing kids. Home-baked cakes and cookies or toasted teacakes are on offer for elevenses or afternoon tea. There’s free wifi, a magazine rack and a bookshelf. And 22 flavours of very fine ice cream, available from a hatch next to the cafe.

Park Life has a Facebook page – here

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